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Application of AI in Business and Economics Domain

With the help of Projects like Market Analysis & Segmentation and Mirco & Macro-economic Forecasting using Machine Learning and System Dynamics, we try to predict Market and Economic Trends in the short term future which will help us position our and our clients' Products/Services better strategically in various Industries. ​

Entrepreneurship Oriented

Through our AI Product/Service Prototype Ideation & Development Project, we aim to build Entrepreneurship Skills of our Interns which will help them develop Products & Services using Machine Learning and Data Analytics and launch it into the Market understanding the Target Market for their Products & Services through our Market Segmentation Project.

Freelance Projects Oriented

The goal of our Internship program is to build real world problem solving skills of Interns and prepare them for Jobs in the field of Machine Learning through Client-based Freelance Projects.


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