AI for Small Businesses

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FeyNN Labs

What is Feynn Labs

Feynn Labs is an Artificial Intelligence company currently focusing on AI integration in Small/Medium Businesses and providing high quality education in AI/Machine Learning. Our goal is to build premier chain of institutes in India where students will apply  and experiment with what they learn hand in hand, with our  “Project based Top-Down Learning” approach focusing  in frontier technologies like  Artificial Intelligence, Crypto-currency, Quantum Computing, Augmented Reality etc.

Feynn Labs Services

Feynn Labs Services is the B2B unit of Feynn Labs where we provide Artificial Intelligence integrated services like Market Analysis and Segmentation, Customer Segmentation etc. to Businesses using Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Machine Learning Integration in Small Businesses and Startups

By using our proprietary systems and frameworks we aim to help small businesses and startups grow and boost their sales